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Updated: Jan 19

Building Bridges in the Enterprise on the Journey Toward the Self-Driving Network™

Release Dec 3, 2019

Networks are meant to connect. Yet all too often network operations are disconnected, creating chasms instead of bridges for IT departments. 

This is especially true in the world of Software-Defined Networking (SDN). The goal of SDN is to bring more agility to network operations through the abstraction and automation of network control functions.  However, the industry has forced out disparate SDN solutions that tend to address specific use cases, instead of delivering a holistic solution for the entire enterprise. This has prevented most companies from realizing the full potential of SDN technology. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Juniper Networks has always offered a best-in-class SD-WAN solution with unprecedented scale, robust security and an unsurpassed array of performance options for campus, branch and public cloud WAN connections. In addition, we maximize flexibility with both on-premises and cloud-managed service options for SDN control. Today, we’ve expanded on these advantages even further with several enhancements to the company’s enterprise portfolio that bring even more flexibility, scale and cost savings to campus and branch environments and bring us one step closer to transforming enterprise IT with true AI-driven networks.

A Unified SD-Branch

We’re pleased to announce that Juniper’s SD-WAN solution has grown to also include software-defined LANs. From a common cloud-managed portal, our customers can now easily provision Juniper EX Series switches (e.g. the EX4650, EX4600, EX4300, EX3400 and EX2300 models), manage LAN fabrics and configure LAN virtualization and security policies in the same way they operate their SD-WAN environments. This automated functionality simplifies operations to reduce costs, streamline workflows and leverage the WAN and LAN network for connected security. In addition to the cloud-managed SD-WAN solution, these features will also be in the downloadable controller software for optional on-premises deployment.

Continuing on the theme of unified operations, we have also made it easier to operate Wi-Fi networks in conjunction with the SD-Branch. The same portal for SD-WAN and SD-LAN can be used to show Mist wireless access points and launch the Mist cloud for WLAN provisioning, troubleshooting, management and other day-to-day operations, including our unique wired/wireless assurance capabilities. 

Juniper has a unique and innovative vision of unifying wired/wireless LANs, SD-WAN and security under a common framework that delivers unparalleled automation, insight and actions to our enterprise customers.  These latest enhancements take us one step closer to that goal by expanding the breadth of our cloud offering and delivering even more deployment options for simple, seamless and secure campus and branch networks

Portfolio Breadth for Any Size Enterprise Site

While Juniper’s strength in operational simplicity is fueled by our software innovation (managed via the cloud), we also differentiate -- and excel -- with the quality and breadth of our hardware portfolio. To that end, we are pleased to announce several new additions to our CPE family.

For the more compact branch locations, Juniper is introducing a Wi-Fi card for our line of branch SRX (SRX 3xx and SRX550) next-generation firewalls and secure SD-WAN edge devices.

With the addition of the Wi-Fi card and its smart zero-touch configuration options, the branch SRX is now the perfect all-in-one device for a compact all-wireless branch, SOHO or kiosk, where only one access point is needed. Like the other SRX mini-cards, this new card is integrated into the Contrail SD-WAN solution via Junos. For users with modest network management needs, the SRX with Wi-Fi card is also supported in our cloud-based Juniper Sky Enterprise.

New to the top end in the branch SRX Series is the SRX380. It comes with several leading performance features: 1Gbps IPsec performance, four 10G ports, 16 PoE+ ports for greater wattage and density and AES256 MACsec encryption. Its four mini-card slots expand wired or wireless connectivity with, for example, the new Wi-Fi card, LAN port cards for PoE-powered IoT devices and dual-SIM LTE cards for reliable auto-failover wireless SD-WAN connectivity.

Advancing Juniper’s leadership position in universal CPE even further, new to the NFX Series, is the NFX350. The NFX350 will roll out with the latest in x86 horsepower, along with more storage and memory for secure SD-WAN supporting adjacent virtual network functions and other branch-local applications. All NFX350 devices come with eight 10G and eight 1G interfaces and, depending on the configuration, up to 2TB of storage, 128GB of RAM and 32 vCPUs. The fully loaded NFX350 will support up to 40Gbps of NG-firewalling and up to 8Gbps of IPSec.

It’s Time for the AI-Driven Enterprise

Juniper believes that an AI-driven architecture is the ultimate end game for enterprise IT. It drives simplicity which saves time and money. It increases network predictability and reliability to deliver much needed assurance. And it lays the foundation for driving more value to the business. Fortunately, Juniper has all the right elements to make this happen -- a complete product portfolio, the world’s best AI engine, a modern cloud built for agility and scale and a relentless commitment to execution.  

Not long ago, Juniper announced the integration of wired and wireless access under a common cloud and AI-engine. By unifying our SD-Branch solution under a common cloud-managed portal and federating management between LAN, WLAN and WAN environments, Juniper has taken great strides toward delivering on the ultimate promise of the AI-driven enterprise.

If you’re joining us at NXTWORK EMEA in London this week, be sure to check out breakout sessions and demos on all of the above, and don’t miss our weekly webinars on SD-WAN and Mist wireless. When you’re ready to judge for yourself, watch the demo playlist for SD-WAN and SD-LAN and sign up for a free trial of Contrail SD-WAN, soon expanding to include a guided tour of our LAN fabric management too.